24 More ways to keep yourself entertained during lockdown

24 More ways to keep yourself entertained during lockdown


Back in April we brought you '20 ways to keep yourself entertained during lockdown'. Well we're back in lockdown now, so for those who have exhausted the first list... here's 24 more!

1. Learn to cook a new dish/ make sushi/ bake homemade bread

2. Make homemade Christmas presents or decorations

3. Clear out your wardrobe

4. Have a movie marathon complete with popcorn

5. Learn to make candles

6. Have a spa night with facemasks, manicure, and brow styling

7. Try a new hair colour or style

8. Start listening to podcasts on things you are interested in, or make your own!

9. Start a new business - whether its making crafts, selling cookies, or consulting, use your free time to make some extra cash.

10. Learn how to do calligraphy

11. Learn to knit and make cosy hats and jumpers

12. Learn to make your own facemasks

13. Learn to make cocktails

14. Host a zoom quiz night with some pals

15. Become an expert on something you're interested in - wine, beer, french culture, food, motorbikes, cars... the internet has all the info

16. Make mini models or even re-discover your childhood and make a masterpiece out of Lego

17. Make your own jam

18. Do some puzzles

19. Make a photo album or scrap book

20. Clear up your phone and computer by deleting files you don't need anymore. Whilst you're at it, back up the things that you do need!

21. Tie dye some old clothes for a new look

22. Call someone who lives alone

23. Have a board game night

24. Host a murder mystery night on zoom

Lookout for more ways to lockdown tips coming to the blog soon!