The Nouveau contour roller facial treatment is the best I have worked with for producing long lasting results for almost all skin types.

This facial is for clients who are serious about their skin and want fantastic anti-aging benefits, without having to go down the road of Botox/Fillers.

This treatment works by encouraging the skins repair and healing system naturally from deep within the skins layers to totally rejuvenate the skin.

This action makes the skin produce more collagen and elastin skin cells, giving an unbelievable smoothing appearance to lines and wrinkles.

It also works well on pigmentation, dark spots and scarring.

Numerous clients I have treated with this have been amazed and have seen themselves the difference it can make.  

Another fact I love about this facial is that it isn't just a ' quick fix ' as it works so deeply to repair the skin, the effects of just one treatment can last for weeks on end.  

I do however advise a course of treatment (normally x3 or x4 every 6 weeks) to achieve more visible results that will last 6 months or more!

From having a regular client base and witnessing the difference it can make, I am passionate about new clients experiencing this for themselves especially if they have ongoing complaints with their skin as I believe this really does give results that last.

Contour roller at Bliss is available 0.5mm as perfect anti-ageing treatment to suit for almost all skin types, also available at Bliss - 1.5mm contour medical grade roller, perfect for pitted skin, open pores, acne scarring, anti-ageing, improving cellulite, stretch marks and much more

So if you want a facial that really works don’t be nervous it is simply working to enhance your skins natural functioning to reveal younger, brighter, tighter skin - remember beauty is only pin deep!

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