LVL Lashes and Tint | Beauty Spa Leeds

LVL lashes are a great natural lift for your own lashes our LVL beauty treatment includes a HD lash tint, this will complete the look and you will no doubt be happy with the difference it makes.


The treatment will take 1hour and has several stages:


  • Firstly we remove any eye makeup and cleanse the eyes, then your therapist will apply a silicone shield to the eyelid and curl back the lashes onto it.


  • The treatment itself is actually quite comfortable and I have many clients that will use the hour as a power nap time.


  • Product No.1 is then applied this is the lifting balm that helps to lifts the lashes from the root. After application it is left on between 10-12mins.


  • We then remove the lifting balm and apply product No.2 which is fixing lotion. Again this is left on for only 10-12 mins and will fix the lift in place.


  • The next stage of the treatment is the eyelash tint, this is left on for just a couple of mins.


  • Once the eyelash tint has been removed we will apply product No.3, this is a moisturising serum and will condition the lashes.


  • After all the lashes are carefully removed from the shield you will be left with a beautiful natural lift.


LVL lashes is a very popular beauty treatment that is highly recommend by anyone who has it done!


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Get LVL Lashes and let the professionals take care of you!

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