Length - Volume - Lift | LVL Nouveau Lashes Leeds

LVL lashes stands for ‘Length’, ‘Volume’ and ‘Lift’.


It is lash treatment that includes no lash extensions completely new technique to totally enhance your natural look.


The whole process takes about 45 mins and is very low maintenance with long lasting results for up to 6-8 weeks.


LVL uses a silicone shield that the eyelashes are pulled up onto creating the lifted look, the thing about this treatment what everybody loves is you can create the look for you as there are 3 different shield sizes with small being the most volumised.


Also another great advantage about this treatment is you don't have to wear mascara on a day to day basis which every working mum loves anything to make life easier.

Bliss exclusively offer a free brow shape with this treatment and lash tint to give you the perfect super enhanced natural look.

It's the ideal treatment if you are going away on holiday or just a busy bee and love the enhanced look without the maintenance.


LVL will have you hooked, it is a totally relaxing treatment and in no way painful.

I really enjoy delivering this service as a highly certified therapist as I see amazing results and have a fabulous regular clientele base!

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