Minx Nail Application at Bliss in Leeds

Available for both fingers and toes you can choose from a large range of designs from glamorous mirrored metallic colours to different prints and patterns .

Minx nail foils are a fabulous eye catching way of adding a little something extra to your nails without damaging them. Minx foils are completely harmless to your nails as both the application and removal are both quick and easy.


The application also known as a dry manicure as it doesn’t involve water or soaking the nails some of the two main factors when it comes to dry brittle nails.


There just a few steps when it comes to the application.

Firstly you will choose the design you would like to be applied, then your nail technician will make sure your nails are dirt and oil free, they will do this by pushing any overhanging cuticle back this adds extra space and lets the nail foil sit comfortably on the nail surface.

Do not worry as this is not painful in any way, then your nails will be buffed using either a buffing file or a sponge, the dust is then wiped away using a sponge or wipe.  You will then have a light spray of alcohol to remove any unwanted dirt or oil, this is again pipped away to leave the nail pristine and will ensure a tight seal.


The nail is now ready for the foil/ wraps to be applied. You will have the foil applied directly to your nails unless the foil has to be cut to fit then they will make a short snip off the foil.

Using a hoof/ manicure stick and fingers the foil will be applied using pressure to secure them, heat also may be used to secure the glue faster. You will then wait a short 20s seconds before the nail is filed; this gives time for the glue to set. The nail technician will the smooth out any bubble that may have been caught under during the application.

After the wrap is applied correctly the excess foil will be removed, this will be by snipping off the overhanging foil and filing the foil down to the nail and your done.

The end results look fantastic and the strength of your nails will be the same. 


The removal process is simple you can get them taken off in the salon or  at home by heating with a hair dryer this will then break the seal and can be gently peeled off.


This treatment is used by many celebrities. Beyoncé, Lady Ga Ga, Victoria Beckham, Katy Perry and Rihanna are just some celebrities that have fallen in love with the amazing fashion designs Minx has to offer, they have all been spotted on a numerous of occasions with their nails beautifully wrapped with minx foils.