Tanning with Bliss Beauty Leeds


At bliss we offer both lay down and stand up sunbeds at selective branches with a large client base of both male and females that love to use our beds due to our professional tan ethics.

As you probably know at bliss we follow all the most recent regulations that are in place and all our sunbeds comply with the new 0.5 tubes.

Many people will ask what the difference between a lay down and a stand up sunbed is, the answer is that it depends what you prefer and to make sure your tan is even alternate the two. The stand-up has bars for you to hold on to above your head, and so you tan under your arms whereas the lay down doesn't so you just chill out, escape to paradise or simply grab a quick nap as you catch a safe tan.

The minutes come in 3, 6 or 9. If you’re going on for the first time we would usually recommend 3 minutes and build it up to what your skin type will allow. I personally think sunbeds are great to use before a holiday to prep you skin, this can help prevent burning. It is important to always remember to tan carefully and don't over expose your skin to UV-rays.

For a stand up or lie Down Sunbed tan , please visit Bliss at Butcher Hill now or call in for your consultation and refreshment at any time between 9.30-7.30/8...Bliss leads in fine tan services with customer care remaining our priority at all times...blissbeautyspa.com The future is Bliss