Tanning and Sunbeds in Leeds

Across our branches we offer VTU& Lie down safe Sunbed Tanning...

Bliss has a large client base of both men and women that simply love to use our beds. 

You may not be aware but we follow all the most recent regulations that are in place and our sunbeds house the new 0.3 compliant tubes. Other salons may not be so up to date!


Many people will ask what is the difference between a lay down and a stand up the answer is that it depends what you prefer and to ensure your tan is even Bliss recommends alternating between the two. The stand up has bars you hold on to above your head so you tan under your arms whereas the lay down doesn't so you just chill out and have a nap.

The minutes come in 3,6 or 9. If your going on for the first time we would recommend 3 mins and build it up to what your skin type will allow. Professional sunbeds can be great to use before a holiday to prep you skin,helping to prevent burning. Always remember to tan carefully and don't over expose your skin to UV rays.

Our sunbeds are at Butcher Hill, Hyde Park and Horsforth branches, please call in for your consultation any time between and use a tan accelerator lotion as this assists in reducing tan sessions!!!! Tan safely and sensibly at all times - choose Bliss, Open Late-Every Night...


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