A Lift technology with Bliss Beauty Spa Leeds 


What is the A Lift Treatment? 


The A Lift treatment is a brand new device which reverses the aging process without being invasive ie no  injections, chemicals and the treatment is completely pain free. The process has been described as gentle and relaxing. 


Many people find their skin looking and feeling smooth and wrinkle free, like the have been airbrushed.


How is the treatment carried out? 


This advanced technology works with a controlled current that is in harmony with your bodies electrical system. Stimulating the cells plumps the skin, increases collagen production, aids lymph drainage witch clear toxins from the area, firms and lifts cells within the facial muscles and improves the overall facial tone. Not only does the treatment last 45 minutes but you will see an improvement in you skin texture, tone ans wrinkle lines will have faded in an instant.


What are the benefits? 


  • Provides the skin with an airbrush effect 
  • Instant results
  • Excellent value apposed to surgery with amazing results 
  • no surgery or needles used throughout the treatment
  • results last up to 6 months
  • nano technology 
  • Enhances your skin radiance with a glowing effect 
  • Improves circulation 




    The Nouveau beauty Group recommend this short treatment to be carried out once every 4 weeks to help maintain the ATP levels (the use of chemical energy within cells for their metabolism).


    Dont miss out on this amazing treatment which can carried out in your local Bliss Beauty Spa in Leeds. 


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    'A revolution in age reversal technology' - Nouveau Beauty Group