Bee venom facial

Want to know what the buzz is all about?


Did you know that the stunning Kate Middleton experienced her very own Bee Sting facial treatment shortly before her wedding, giving her a natural radiance and glow?











As Kate knew her appearance on the day of her wedding will be talked about for years to come she knew she had to look her very best as every camera and all eyes were on her. Promoted by Camilla herself, she gave the duchess her first pot shortly after her engagement to Prince Charles.


The bee sting venom works in a way as an alternative to Botox providing you with a flawless complexion, speedy circulation, it helps collagen formation, nurtures cell regeneration, aids renewal of damaged skin, wrinkles and scars and the overall radiance of your facial and neck area. 


The treatment provided by Bliss in Leeds helps the skin produce collagen, improves acne and rosacea. This treatment is less invasive than Botox as no needles are used.


This celebrity secret is not only prompted by royalty as Victoria Beckham herself has admitted to using the product.


During your treatment your beautician will start by prepping the skin by applying  cleansing milk which cleans and dissolves any make up and excess oils, this will be applied generously and massaged into the skin which gives a deep pore cleaning effect which will give better results.

After the cleansing milk is worked in to the skin it will be removed with a warm damp towel, this again opens the pores ready for the treatment.


Next a toner may be applied, this will remove any makeup residue leaving the skin completely bare and ready to work with.  A facial scrub may be applied to lift any blackheads and will stay on for 5 minutes.


Once the face and neck area is completely clear the bee sting mask will be applied, this has a very thick consistency which aids the stability of the lotion. During and after the application you may feel a slight tingling sensation, this is completely normal and may not occur for everyone.


The mask is then left on for 20 minutes so the serum penetrates deep into the pores and works its magic. After the 20 minutes is up your beautician will work the serum into the skin and the cream will turn into a moisturiser leaving your skin flawless with instant signs of improvement.


If you are wondering how the mask is made scientists receive the venom by placing the bees in a glass container and sending vibrations so they attack. No bees are harmed during the production of this product.