Bliss Founder & Director on Being Bold in Business

With five strong salons and leading spa in West Yorkshire, over fifteen members of staff and a family life to juggle, Beverley Silver is one of Leeds’ leading business pioneers. With a strong ethos of educating her team and delivering premium quality services that boost people’s well being and confidence, she is an inspiring trail blazer in the sisterhood. Bliss Blog talks to the lady behind the brand…

In the beginning, it Bliss was one happy little salon run by Bev and her partner Andre and a few years later it’s become the biggest string of five-star salons with packed appointment books and clients block booking ahead. How did it build up so firm and fast?

“The point when we decided to buy the Bliss on Otley Road was daunting because we’d plunged into taking on triple the number of staff and suddenly had two salons to run, the first being Bliss on Butcher Hill. Looking back, that was the tipping point and the moment when my professional life went from being exciting to really exciting. It’s always a bold move to open up a business and when you reach a point when it’s a question of consolidating or growing bigger, and you pick the latter, you have to have courage, faith and good people around you.

I’m passionate about Bliss being driven on powerful education, backed by great service and a really together team. We’ve now got over 15 staff, so it’s a major operation but I want everyone who is involved in the business to believe in the same core values. We are much like a little community and lots of us juggle family life; it’s important that mothers can work so I offer flexibility and have created careers for people rather than just jobs. I understand what it’s like to do both – motherhood and work, that is. I have a daughter and I’ve made it work thanks to being really organised and having lots of energy.”

“All along the way I’ve made it my number one priority to spend a lot of time and money on educating and re-educating my staff because if they are happy and have cutting-edge expertise, then my salons have flow and laughter in them.”

“When I choose the products to use and retail within the salons, I have to believe in the brand and dream about having another treatment myself. I wouldn’t ever put something on the menu that isn’t completely luxurious or works wonders for the well being of the client. It’s about integrity through and through.”

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