20 Ways to keep yourself entertained during lockdown

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20 Ways to keep yourself entertained during lockdown


Some of us are getting fed up with spending all of our time at home - it's understandable. However, if we use this time wisely we could really enjoy it, and come out of lockdown as more well-rounded individuals.

Here are 20 of our best suggestions for how to spend your time during lockdown.

1. Write something - a blog, a journal, a short story, or even a novel!

2. Bake something. It's very relaxing and you get a yummy treat at the end. Set aside a whole day and make a cake that's truly magnificent.

3. Work out - you'll find plenty of workout apps with exercises that you can do at home with little to no equipment, and you can come out of lockdown in much better shape.

4. Download a meditation app and find your inner peace.

5. Take up yoga.

6. Research new recipes and cook up a storm.

7. Spring clean your home. It's not fun but the results are worth it, and you'll regret it if you go back to work without having done it. 

8. Learn a new language with help from apps like Duolingo.

9. Write a song or learn to play a new instrument. 

10. Do some crafts and create beautiful pieces for your home.

11. Do some painting or try the paint pouring craze.

12. Learn to sew and make some gorgeous new cushion covers or bunting.

13. Read travel blogs and plan your next great adventure.

14. Have a virtual house party to keep in touch with friends and family.

15. Send a handwritten letter to someone who lives far away, or someone who lives alone.

16. Trace your family tree.

17. Do an online course and gain a qualification.

18. Upcycle old clothes, accessories, and even household items.

19. Read a book.

20. Do a jigsaw.

Lookout for more ways to keep yourself and your family entertained, as well as health and beauty tips coming to the blog soon!