2019's Biggest Food Trends

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2019's Biggest Food Trends

It's no secret that we love to stay ahead of the crowd in our salons. You're also probably aware that we love our food, so this is another area that we hate to fall behind in! We've scouted out the biggest food trends of 2019 - read on to find out what they are!

1. Eco-friendly dining

More and more restaurants are composting their leftovers and returning them to growers, in a bid to reduce waste to zero. Packaged foods are also getting an eco-friendly makeover with companies searching for alternative packaging options to reduce plastic use, and shops expected to encourage customers to bring their own vegetable bags.

2. More healthy fats

High-fat, low-carb diets such as keto and paleo are on the rise and that's set to continue throughout 2019. Health and fitness influencers are singing the praises of these diets, and we should expect to see more enticing food options available for those following high fat diet plans.

keto diet

3. Plant-based foods

2018 saw the rise of flexitarianism, with any people reducing their meat intake or turning completely vegetarian or vegan. We'll see more of this in 2019, with mushrooms playing a leading role in plant-based foods.

plant based diet

4. Healthier alternatives to ice cream

 Guilt-free ice cream alternatives have been around for a while, whether it's vegan options or low-sugar treats. This year we can expect to see an increase in these options, with novelty health flavours such as avocado, hummus, and tahini. 

Whatever you;re eating this year, do check the Bliss blog regularly for restaurant recommendations, recipes and the latest food news.