25 Festive Activities to Ignite your Christmas Spirit!

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25 Festive Activities to get you in the Holiday Mood

Not feeling Christmassy yet? That's ok - sometimes it doesn't come so easily! Try our top 25 festive activities to find your Christmas spirit!

Here to help is our list of 25 festive activities...



1. Make your own Christmas cards
2. Make some homemade Christmas presents - jams, candles, jumpers - use your imagination. 
3. Make some homemade Christmas decorations
4. Write a Christmas song
5. Learn to play Christmas songs on the keyboard/ guitar/ other instrument
6. Christmas baking!
7. Have a Christmas movie marathon
8. Cook a festive-themed feast
9. Make Christmas candles
10. Christmas shopping online - get some friends together on zoom and do your Christmas shopping together - the lockdown way.
11. Write a Christmas story
12. Read a Christmas book
13. Host Christmas drinks
14. Make some festive cocktails
15. Paint a festive picture
16. Perform a nativity at home
17. Make festive themed clothes or upcycle old clothes with Christmassy additions.
18. Do a Christmas jigsaw
19. Make your own festive mulled wine or Sangria
20. Visit the Christmas markets!
21. Start your Christmas shopping
22. Write a letter to Santa - fun for all ages!
23. Make your own Christmas wall art
24. Plan Christmas drinks or a Christmas party
25. Start thinking about your new years resolutions