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Bliss on HD Brows services - the 7 steps to your best brows: Perfectly groomed brows are big on the beauty seen, dontcha know? Achieve your perfect look now. Trust our highly-trained beauty experts to custom-shape your brows in seven comprehensive steps, including a consultation. We use a combination of waxing, speedy threading, specialist tinting, precision sculpting, delicate tweaking and careful shaping, in a process uniquely designed to achieve the most flattering shape for your face. Do pop by for a patch test 48 hours before treatment.

Bliss had a visit from an undercover Beauty Editor again. We think that she likes us! She secretly reviewed our HD Brows services and here is her word...


My eyebrows are very difficult. Harder to cope with than my high maintenance Lhasa Apsos (that's a pedigree pooch, for those in reasonable doubt). The hairs are long, begging the questions: do I trim them? Heaven forbid, do I take my brows to a hairdresser? Should I comb them? Gracious. I can't really cope, so I simply attempt to keep them tidy with careful Tweezerman tweezes and a touch of Mac eyebrow mascara. Until recently, this satisfied my make-up regime but then I noticed that everyone's eyebrow game had seriously improved. After scanning the Bliss treatment menu, I decided it was time to sample HD Brows and submit my brows to the 7 steps... 

First up, my beauty therapist (yes, her eyebrows are absolutely sublime) custom-created the perfect tint to suit my skin tone and hair colour, she waxed (with hardly any pain - how?! Seriously, how?!), threaded, tweezed and trimmed my eyebrows to the best shape ever. I've booked in for my follow up appointment because I can safely say that I look more groomed than ever before without appearing too 'done'. My brows are growing in thickness and I have a strategy as to how full I want them to look. Sure, there's more to life than brows but baby, it sure is a kick to have the best version of yourself staring back from mirror reflections. I rate this service 5 stars and with an endless appreciation for the Bliss team. Where would us West Yorkshire glamazons be without them?

With love, Undercover Beauty Editor x


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