Available at Bliss Spa, Leeds: Celebs Loving 3D Lipo

"Wow 3D Lipo is unreal. Thank you thank you thank you" - Patsy Kensit

When something is big Bliss gets on it before everyone else. Aside from being brave with the early adopter effect, we're interested in premium treatments that really make a difference to how amazing and fabulous people feel and, of course, look. This week it's 3d Lipo that gets a big Blissful round of applause from our Director Beverley Silver and a whole bevvy of celebrities the world over. Including mega fan, Amy Childs.

From the Kardashians to Mrs Rooney, this treatment has won 5-star rating approval for A-listers and the most critical of clients all over the globe because it's safe, it works and it's effective in the first treatment.

Now that's something worth penning into your hectic schedule because ladies who live life in the fast lane don't have time for beauty appointments that don't generate an instant yield and make chiconomic sense...



Step up to the spotlight, 3D Lipo that has rocked the entire A-list world with fast results and safe procedure to fat loss and slimming plus. From Amy Childs to Gemma Collins, the TV stars are well and truly loving what 3D Lipo has done for their figures in just a few treatments time. Coleen Rooney has trusted this ultra speedy and non-surgical in-spa/salon treatment to boost her back to her pre-baby body in quick time. 

Bliss offers a package course of treatments to blast off stored fat and catapult your silhouette in the sexy stratosphere. So how does it work? 3D Lipo is completely non-surgical - so no invasive techniques here - rather, it works through a special roller action machine actioned over the problem areas which targets fat removal, treatment of cellulite & skin tightening in one award-winning machine.

It's been in the press for a reason... It works, baby!

"Celebrities cannot get enough of this [3D Lipo] fat freezing treatment!" - Daily Mail

3D-dermology targets cellulite reduction and increases blood supply along with lymph circulation via the unique combination of the vacuum combined with the roller action.

“3D-lipo has revolutionised the cosmetic medicine industry. Efficacious and affordable, patients and doctors alike love this treatment – it is a win-win situation.” Paul Banwell FRCS (Plast) Director, The Banwell Clinic
There's not much for it - you need to give one of expert beauticians a call at Bliss and we'll discuss a one-to-one consultation about the process and how it will work for you and your unique curves!

Prices starting from £85 or a body course of four treatments for £399. Available at Street Lane and West Park. Call now to book: 

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