Beauty Review: Elemis Facial

Treatment: Elemis Skin Perfect Specific Facial

Time: One Hour, £45 mins 

Bliss' Word: This treatment is customised to your skin type and combines skin conditioning plant actives, a prescribed mask and unique Eastern facial massage techniques. Your face is deeply cleansed to help renew radiance, nourish and balance all skin types. Simply fabulous!

Review By: Anonymous Beauty Editor

Beauty Rating: 5*

Beauty Review:

"My professional and lovely Elemis facial therapist, Reagen began the process with a one-on-one skin consultation to see what my concerns and needs were. This treatment is 100% customised to your skin type and is centred around skin conditioning plant actives, a prescribed mask and unique Eastern massage techniques that give the face a mini work-out. She identified that I had some skin congestion, minor hydration on my forehead and some puffiness around my tired eyes (I have two young children and I work full-time!). Reagen made me feel completely comfortable and at ease with the process. I could tell that she knew the brand inside and out, listing the formula and active ingredients of the products that she'd be using to tackle my personal skin needs.

As with all Elemis treatments, it's luxury from start to finish and there's constant contact (the therapist doesn't disappear for 15 mins while a peel is on). As the various masks were applied, I enjoyed a luxurious scalp, forehead, arm and hand massage that made the entire experience deeply relaxing and ultra pampering. Elemis always incorporates hot towels so as each dreamy toning, exfoliating and moisturing layer is applied with caring, expert hands and wipe away with a fresh hot towel. In a word - heaven. The Hydra-Boost Day Cream topped off the many layers of soothing treatments that were applied to perfect my pores.

Afterwards, all of the areas I was concerned about had either dramatically improved or completely vanished! I was recommended to drink lots of water to help drain out the toxins from the lymphatic system. I sat down to enjoy a speedy pedicure while I was there... When in Rome. I would certainly recommend this treatment to someone who desperately needs a skin turn-around, a major treat or as a gift for someone who is time-poor and stressed. There's no way you can feel anything other than refreshed and totally gorgeous after this. My make-up went on like a dream the next morning and it looked as though I'd had a week of excellent sleep. Thank you, Bliss!"

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