Sun Beds Vs Spray Tans

An upsetting side effect of autumn is that your summer tan starts to fade, leaving you a lighter shade of pale. Whilst some people are lucky enough to rock the English Rose look no problem, most of us mourn the loss of our bronzed skin with great sadness. Luckily, Bliss is here to rescue you from a winter of pasty pale skin. Bliss offers two different ways to recover your summer glow: sunbeds or spray tans, and our handy blog post will help you decide which one is for you. 

Contrary to common belief, there are actually plenty of health benefits of using sunbeds. The body converts sunshine into vitamin D, which helps to boost your immune system and increase bone strength. Research has also suggested that it may even help to protect us against depression, cancer and Alzheimer's disease. So for anyone with vitamin D deficiency, or anyone who is worried about, or at risk of, any of the above health problems, sunbeds should be considered. Pre-holiday sun beds also reduce the risk of burning whilst you're away, as they build up some resistance to the sun.

Anyone who suffers from skin conditions such as Acne, Psoriasis and Eczema will find that sunbeds are very effective in helping to treat these. Many dermatologists also praise sunbeds for it's benefits in treating dermatitis. Even if you don't suffer from a skin condition, sunbeds make skin less prone to spots, which I think we'd all appreciate!

This isn't to say that the usual warning about skin cancer should be ignored- it's still very important to protect yourself from burning and tan safely. For those who burn very easily, spray tans may be a better option. In contrast to sunbeds there is no exposure to radiation, and no risk of burning and the associated health issues. It is also a faster option- you can simply pop down to your local Bliss the day before an event or holiday and you'll be the perfect shade of bronze for the big day. Sunbeds are best used for a gradual tanning which builds up more slowly but lasts for as long as you keep topping it up, or for prolonging your tan post holiday. Another benefit of sunbeds is that your colour is all natural.

It's important to think about the pros and cons before you decide on a tanning method, and it's always important to protect yourself on sunbeds. At Bliss we encourage tanning sensibly and safely at all times. Whichever you choose, Bliss is here to help you keep that summer glow and feel fabulous all year round!

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