5 top tips for a healthy summer body

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5 top tips for a healthy summer body

Often when summer rolls around many of us are guilty of yoyo dieting and taking extreme measures for a slimmer or more toned looking summer body. This year let's focus on a healthier summer body. Here are our top tips.


 healthier summer body


1. Healthy eating

Sounds obvious, of course. However, after a winter of hibernation our summer diets may often consist of restricting calories and denying your body the nutrients it needs. Instead, focus on eating three nutritional and balanced meals every day.

2. Switch out sugar-filled snacks for fruit

Get your sugar fix from fresh, healthy fruits, rather than fizzy drinks and candy which can slow you down.

3. Plan and prepare

Plan your weeks meals in advance to minimise food wastage and save you time. You can even prepare tomorrow's lunch in advance whilst making tonight's dinner, and one days leftovers can contribute to the following days breakfast. Planning and preparing also helps us to make healthier choices.

4. Replace caffeine-filled drinks with herbal teas

Caffeine is a stimulant that should be kept to a minimum for a healthier summer body. Herbal teas, meanwhile, come with a multitude of benefits for the body and mind. Choose carefully and if needed choose teas that can give you the energy boost you usually rely on your coffee for.

5. Prepare for a good night's sleep

Allow yourself time to wind down before bed. Read a book, take a bath, meditate, or enjoy a chamomile tea to help promote a better night's sleep which in turn plays a huge role in keeping us healthy.