5 Treatments to Become Festival Ready

5 Treatments to Become Festival Ready


We all want a gorgeous sunkissed look at a summer festival. But who wants to be stressing about fake tan streaks with limited access to showers and exfoliating gloves? Exactly- no one. Instead grab some sunbed time beforehand for a beautiful natural tan. Always tan safely!


Again, the perfect eyelashes complete every festival look. But can we really be bothered trying to apply them in a tent with a compact mirror?! No, we can not. Especially when you can visit Bliss for a full set of party lashes to last up to two weeks. AND your lush lashes can be as natural or as dramatic as you like.


Let's be honest you don't want to be wasting time when you could be partying on plucking and powdering your brows. Ask for a tint and shape or HD brows for fuss free brows all festival long.


Keep those hairy legs and pits at bay with super hair removal, the long-term solution to unwanted body hair - that's the last thing you want to be worrying about at a festival!

Gel nails

Chipped nails are never a good luck. Pop to Bliss for some gel nails to last up to two weeks, and don't forget to ask for our new glitters!