5 UK Holiday Destinations Worth Visiting

5 UK Holiday Destinations Worth Visiting

It looks like international travel may not be an option for some time, and whilst travel within the UK is still severely restricted, there's a good chance that it will start up again soon. Often we're so concerned with going abroad in search of sunnier weather that we don't both to visit incredible destinations that are just down the road. 2020 has handed us an opportunity to do just that.



So here are our top 5 picks for holiday destinations to visit in the UK in 2020.

1. Lake District

The stunning scenery and fresh air of the Lake District is just what we need to relax after these difficult few months. It's heaven for walkers with 885 square miles of lush national parks, surrounded by sparkling lakes and majestic mountains. Relax with a pub lunch afterwards, before visiting the many fascinating attractions.

2. Cornwall

Located in the south west of England, Cornwall has been a favoured UK holiday spot for some time. Enjoy the sea, sand, and (hopefully) sun, soak up some history and culture, and explore the great British countryside.

3. Devon

Devon offers a similar and equally enjoyable experience, with charming seaside resorts, and historic castles and houses to explore. Spend a day in the thriving cities of Exeter and Plymouth, and indulge in the exquisite food scene.

4. Outer Hebridges, Scotland

For a peaceful, isolated getaway where you can forget your worries and cares, look no further than this string of Scottish islands. Discover tranquil white sandy beaches, ancient relics, exciting outdoor activities, and a rich cultural heritage. Most of all, discover peace and quiet.



5. Pembrokeshire, Wales

One reason why Pembrokeshire s one of Wales' top holiday destinations is the fact that it is home to Britain's one and only coastal national park. The magnificent scenery includes crashing waves, golden sandy beaches, soaring cliffs, and beautiful flora and fauna. You might even spot seals and dolphins playing in the sea.