6 Delicious alcohol-free alternatives

6 Delicious alcohol-free alternatives

There are plenty of reasons to give up or cut down on alcohol - physical health, mental health, weight loss, medication, pregnancy - the list is goes on. Whatever your reason, it's not as difficult as it used to be, with plenty of alcohol-free alternatives available on the market now. Here are six of our favourite alcohol-free alternatives...


alcohol free drink alternatives


1. The best alcohol free wines

Red - Eisberg Cabarnet Sauvignon 0%

White - Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc 0%

Eisberg alcohol-free wines are delicious and low-cal so it's win-win!

2. The best alcohol free gin

Bax Botanics Sea Buckthorn

When you want a gin & tonic, a tonic and lime just isn't the same. This alcohol-free spirit is fragrant and botanical with a real gin-like taste.

3. The best alcohol free Prosecco

Freixenet 0%

Fresh and bubbly, just like a real Prosecco! Available in white and rose - both are delicious.

For a low alcohol option (0.5%) try Nosecco which is sweet and bubbly, with notes of apple.

4. The best alcohol free Aperol Sprtiz

Lyre's Italian Spritz

If you're struggling to part ways with delicious Aperol Spritz's try Lyle's It is delicious and, although a tad sweeter, tastes very similar to a real Aperol Spritz when topped up with some alcohol-free Prosecco.

5. The best alcohol-free beer

Lucky Saint (0.5%)

So alcohol-free beers generally still have a teeny tiny amount of alcohol in them like this one. It is delicious and tastes just like alcoholic beer.

6. The best alcohol free cider

Kopparberg Alcohol Free Pear Cider

Tasty and refreshing, just like its alcoholic counterpart!


If you're thinking of cutting down on alcohol, read our blog post on mindful drinking.