Review: Super Lashes

Review: Super Lashes

I was really excited to try super lashes at Bliss, as they last 2-3 weeks and can be as natural or dramatic as you want. The therapist explained that I could choose how thick (dramatic) they looked and also short, medium or long lashes. She also offered to decide what she thought would suit me best, which was helpful as I was unsure what I wanted. She decided that they would look best quite dramatic and with shorter ones at the corner of my eye, and medium length towards the outer corners. 

super lashes at bliss

I was surprised that the treatment wasn't at all painful, and it was also quicker than I expected. Overall it took around 20 minutes. This treatment also comes with a complimentary brow shape, which is optional. 

I was very pleased with the finished result. My lashes looked lovely and long and thick, and the change from short to medium created a very nice shape. The therapist was very helpful in advising me on how to ensure that my lashes would last as long as possible. The main thing is to be very gentle with them, and try to avoid rubbing your eyes. If your lashes don't fall off on their own, it's best to go back to Bliss to have them professionally removed. This is very quick and can usually be booked in on the same day if you call in the morning. 

super lashes at bliss

Overall, this treatment was enjoyable and the finished result was lovely and long lasting. Super lashes are definitely worth getting for any special event or even just as a treat to yourself. 

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 Bliss also currently has an offer for a full set of nails with super lashes and brow shape for £69, and a third treatment FREE. View this offer here.

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In fact, Bliss are offering 3 for 2 on ALL treatments until the end of January!

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