Pamper Yourself with a Relaxing Massage at Bliss

Pamper Yourself with a Relaxing Massage at Bliss

 Pamper yourself with a relaxing massage this winter. Relieve your aches and pains with a hot stone massage, sparking a feeling of deep relaxation and releasing toxins and stress. This calming treatment has health benefits such as improved circulation and lymphatic cleansing, and will leave you feeling rejuvenated and pampered. 

Or experience the idyllic effects of lava shells and warm oils to soothe and relax your muscles, easing away tension and leaving you in  a state of tranquility. 

Experience something new with a lux massage candle treatment. Lux massage candles embrace a room with their light, heat and aromatherapy essences. Made from natural vegetable oils and butters, once lit, the massage candles melt at a consistent 38 degree temperature. The warm oil is drizzled over the skin, just like massage oil.  Powerful massaging techniques coupled with the opulent nature of lux massage candles make this a truly blissful experience.


Whatever lights your candle, Bliss has the perfect massage to help you to unwind and re-energise. 

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