Celebs love HD brows!   

29 Jan 2016

Celebs love HD brows!

 megan fox hd brows

Big brows are still BIG news for beauty addicts. They really frame the face and give a youthful appearance. Celebs including Megan Fox and Amanda Holden are huge fans of the HD brow, which creates big, bold, beautiful brows. 

amanda holden hd brows

The treatment involves a combination of waxing, speedy threading, specialist tinting, precision sculpting, delicate tweaking and careful shaping. Our highly trained therapists will expertly determine the most flattering shape for your face, and you can have them tinted as dark as you like. This is very different to a regular shape and tint, and much more effective.

jennifer metcalfe hd brows

TV stars such as Hollyoaks' Jennifer Metcalfe and Coronation Street's Michelle Keegan are also huge fans of the bold HD brow!

michelle keegan hd brows

The treatment requires a patch test beforehand and you may have to go onto a regrowth plan. The areas with gaps are filled in using make up, and your therapist will let you know which areas to fill in when you do your make up yourself. It's then very important to leave your eyebrows alone (ie. no plucking, waxing or threading at home!) so that your therapist can build towards that perfect HD brow shape at every appointment. 

amy childs hd brows

Other celeb fans include Amy Childs, Cher Lloyd, Katie Price, Una Healy and the girls from Little Mix!

cher lloyd hd brows

How could such a huge celeb fan base be wrong? But then again, their bold, beautiful brows speak for themselves!

katie price hd brows

Join the eyebrow revolution and book your appointment today for BIGGER, BOLDER, BEAUTIFUL brows!

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una healy and little mix hd brows


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