New Season Nail Colours From Your Favourite Top Brands!

New Season Nail Colours From Your Favourite Top Brands!

 China Glaze - House of Colour

china glaze nails

House of colour is the new spring nail varnish collection from China Glaze. The collection consists of 12 beautiful shades and is inspire by creativity, self-expression and individual style. Whether you want creamy pastels for Spring, or a touch of shimmer or glitter, House of Colour has it all. And with cute names such as 'Chrome is where the heart is' and 'In the near fuschia', who can resist this fabulous collection?

 CND Shellac - Art Vandal

cnd shellac nails

Art Vandal is the new spring collection from CND. The collection is about bright colours and remastering the classics, and is inspired by originality, irrelevance and expressiveness. 'Mauve Maverick' adds a more sublte option to the other wise bright collection, whilst colours such as 'Digi-teal' are more out there, yet all of these colours are perfect for Spring!


Essie's Spring collection is all about chic summer retreats like Palm Beach. The collection is bold, bright and beautiful and inspired by mixing retro glamour with a fashion forward feel. Fun summery shade names such as 'Sunshine state of mind' and 'Pool side service' will put you into a holiday mind set as soon as you start to paint your nails.

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