Top 5 Beauty Treatments to get Bikini - Ready! PLUS get a FREE Trial Sunbed Session

Top 5 Beauty Treatments to get Bikini - Ready!

Stepping out in a bikini can be nerve wracking for us year after year. But this year Bliss are on hand to help you get that flawless bikini body and hit the beach with confidence. Here are our top 5 treatments for total body confidence this summer.

 1. 3D Lipo

The quick fix for those of us who want to be perfectly toned WITHOUT the painful gym sessions and diet! 3D Lipo is clinically proven to promote dramatic weight loss in a safe, fuss-free and non-surgical series of treatment followed out by our expertly-trained professionals. Read more about 3D lipo here.


2. Super Hair Removal

 Nobody wants hair legs on holiday! But staying perfectly shaved all summer can be such a chore! The SkinPULSE SHR system is a revolution in the removal of hair, quicker and with better results than traditional IPL or laser. This proven technique of low intensity selected wavelengths of light gently heat up the hair folicale to damage the stem cell and successfully prevent regrowth. Treatments are PAIN FREE and are super-fast! 


3. Fast Tanning at Bliss

With 100 fast tan minutes for £19.95, Bliss will have you beautifully bronzed before you even sit on the plane! After a few sunbed sessions your tan will build super fast once on holiday, as well as having some extra protection against sun damage. Safety is of the highest importance - please read our post on Bliss' top tips for safe and effective tanning here. Call into Bliss Street Lane, Butcher Hill or Bliss Retreat for your free trial sunbed session today (Saturday 9th April) and Monday 11th April only!


4. Bikini Wax - Choose your style to suit your bikini!

Bliss are on hand to ensure you are bikini-ready and stay smooth all summer long! Our professionals are highly trained at standard and specialist styles! View prices here.


5. Prep your winter feet with a deluxe pedicure

Feet been hidden away since last August? Don't worry - Bliss are on hand to get your feet beach ready with a range of luxury pedicures available. See all options here.


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