Top 10 Reasons we all NEED Super Hair Removal in our Lives!

Top 10 Reasons we all NEED Super Hair Removal in our Lives!

1. SHR is a method of PERMANENT hair removal, and who has time to be shaving every other day all through summer? Instead you can head straight to the back without having to worry.

2. Super hair removal is faster than traditional IPL or laser.

3. It's also the most effective method of permanent hair removal.

4. SHR uses rapid low level energies to ensure hair is removed safely.

5. Super hair removal is suitable for all skin types, including tanned skin, so it's suitable all year round.

6. Your legs / underarms will look beautiful all year round!

7. You'll be prepared for when Leeds surprises you with a sunny day - for once you'll be prepared to throw on your shorts at a moments notice!

8. Never be caught out by the stubborn spot on the back of your legs that you somehow always miss!

9. If you forget your razor on a night away from home, it's no problem! Perfect for those of us who are less organised!

10. Bliss are offering super competitive prices to the lucky people of Leeds! View prices here!

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