Autumn Haircare Tips for a More Glamorous Christmas Season!

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Autumn Haircare Tips for a More Glamorous Christmas Season!

autumn hair care

Sun exposure can leave hair sun-damaged and dry, whilst the cooler weather in winter can make hair frizzy, brittle and unmanageable. Autumn is the perfect  time to un-do some of the damaged caused over summer, and make sure that your hair is protected from the harsh winter weather. After all, you want your locks to look glamorous and perfect by party season, right? Here are our top tips for healthier hair this autumn.

1. Get a trim

You should be getting a hair cut every 8 weeks or so to clean up your ends, but this is especially important after sun damage. The longer you leave it the more susceptible to breakage it is. Ask your stylist to remove split ends, or consider a whole new look for autumn. Then you'll be ready to begin your new haircare regime with a fresh palette.

2. Add some more moisture

At this time of year, it's important to use a deep-conditioning mask or gloss treatment a couple of times a week to give your hair a healthy shine. 

3. Protect your hair from heat damage

The chances are that throughout autumn, and particularly during the festive season, you will use heat on your hair from time to time. Invest in a heat protection spray, mousse, serum or cream and make sure to use if before blow drying or heat styling your hair to help prevent breakage.

4.Use a good shampoo and conditioner

It's important to choose hair cleansers that will wash away normal wear and tear from things like pollution and smoke, whilst not stripping your hair of natural oils and lipids. 

5. Be mindful of tying your hair up

Tying your hair up with a bobble can cause damage so try to avoid it, and definitely take it down for bed. Wear your hair down instead or softly pin it back.