Behind The Scenes at Bliss!   

05 Sep 2018

Behind The Scenes at Bliss!

Leeds Beauty and Nail founder, Beverley Silver, who prefers to remain a little quiet and private about many of her achievements, now has two beautiful, vibrant girls. Chania, aged just 11 years, is 'A quirky, singing Butterfly who loves performing and neatly organising everything possible!!' Ohhh and then there is ... NEW addition to the world of Bliss, Baby Vienna, aged just 11months old and now ultra determined as she strives to begin her DREAM first baby footsteps!!  

Whilst Beverley has recently suffered the tragic loss of her mum in July in very difficult circumstances linked to Sepsis and leg amputation, she is drawing strength to take Bliss to the next level for her girls and the fantastic management and team at Bliss. You will now see Beverley in branches conducting beauty surveys,extending beauty service areas, and attending many charity events in memory of her mum - overall indulging in the world of Bliss from Baby Bliss Days at Butcher Hill - exciting times ahead. Should you have some feed back for us at Bliss, please don't hesitate to contact us. If you would like us to showcase your business within our blog features, or wish to run a competition, email info@blissbeautyspa.com or call Beverley direct on 07950200580. We network, we listen, we care. Please do share your thoughts.
The future is beauty at Bliss xxx

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