Bliss Package of the Week!

Bliss Package of the Week!

 Its time for this week's package of the week, and this week's package is one that our customers can't get enough of throughout April: LVL lashes, sculptured brow tint & shape and gel nails for £55! RRP is £74 on this great package so snap it up to save £££.


LVL is a long-time favourite of celebs including Michelle Keegan, and is absolutely loved by Bliss customers. Instead of adding falsies simply add a bold flutter to your natural lashes. 


Our expert therapists will sculpt your eyebrows into your preferred shape and style and tint them to your desired shade. The overall look will change your whole face!

Finish off by selecting your perfect gel polish from our huge range of colours from all top brands and letting our therapists paint your nails with gel to last two weeks. 

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