Bliss Salon News & Covid-19 Guidance!

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Bliss Salon News & Covid-19 Guidance! 

Message from MD Beverley Silver!

It was with a heavy heart in March that we sensibly decided to close Bliss ahead of the Government date to aim to protect myself, my team, my family, and importantly clients.Time has passed and behind the scenes we have been working on a new website and tweaked menu. Donating to charities has always been part of salon life for Bliss and during lockdown, despite being redundant with salon services, we were able to offer hundreds of sanitisers free to NHS clients and charities.

We are awaiting a formal date to open and have consulted directly with Ministers, although we are now aiming for 4th July 2020. This date is solely reliant on government instruction and a main factor is the ‘R’ number. More information and guidance will be featured by myself online supporting all government guidance. A check list for clients to follow will be published once the date is set but rest assured your safety and for all at Bliss remains my personal priority. I refuse to compromise on this and as we relaunch please DO expect FREE PPE, at this point Water Option being available in disposable cups with fully sanitised surroundings along with other essential items.

Bliss has been part of our lives for many years and I’m asking for every inch of support from clients old and new for us to continue to battle ahead as we do best. To help all appointments flow we will aim to offer slightly longer appointments and open extended hours on selective days, and are considering Sunday trade too.

Extending to clients old and new, thank you for reading. Please do Spread the news ...If you would also like to be added to our Priority Appointment list - Send a direct request now to 07950200580 , Comments and suggestions will be greatly received ❤️Txt or email