Bliss' Top Health & Beauty Tips for Autumn 2019

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Bliss' Top Health & Beauty Tips for Autumn 2019

autumn 2019 health and beauty tips

Summer may not technically be over yet, but the grey skies, shortening days, and cooler temperatures would have us believe otherwise. Whilst we can be lured into a minor depression as we mourn the end of summer, this is wasted time that could be spent on making the most of autumn. Keep your eye on the Bliss blog for the hottest autumn style updates, things to do and autumn recipes. This time of year can be ideal for changing up your health and beauty routine to make sure that you look and feel amazing as you cruise through towards party season. Here are our top health and beauty tips for autumn...
Stop skin from drying out
As the weather begins to turn colder, our skin can have a nasty tendency to dry out. Unfortunately we can also neglect it as the time for bare arms and legs has come to an end. Be sure to exfoliate several times per week, and invest in a high-quality moisturiser to use after showers. Hands, feet and lips can be particularly dry at this time of year so make sure to carry hand cream and lip balm at all times, and use a foot cream on a weekly basis. 
Eat plenty of in-season veggies
As the season changes, so must our diets. Knowing that we won't on the beach for another year can lead many of us to overeating in the cooler months, but it is possible to still be healthy. There are plenty of delicious, healthy veggies in season in autumn to provide us with an array of health benefits - load up on pumpkin, beetroot, sweet potato and apples for a healthy dose of Vitamins A and C, as well as a plethora of antioxidants and nutrients to make you look and feel 1 million percent. We'll be sharing some of our favourite autumn recipes with you over the coming weeks - watch this space!
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Hair Care
In summer, our hair takes a beating from sun, chlorine & salt water. In winter, it can be easily damaged by the weather, as well as constant styling for Christmas and New Years celebrations. Use the time in between to repair and protect, starting with a trim of these damaged ends. Invest in a deep conditioner to protect your hair from the winter damage it will soon face. 
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Boost your immune system
You probably know all too well that winter is prime time for colds, flu and other illnesses to affect us. Give your immune system an autumn boost so that it's in tip top condition to fight disease by winter. Some simple, natural ways to do this include drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, managing stress properly, drinking less alcohol, eating plenty of fresh fruit, veg and seeds, and particularly garlic. 
We'll be providing you with regular updates and tips to make the most of autumn over the coming weeks, so do check back regularly. 

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