Bliss' Top Tips to Use Sunbeds Safely & Effectively

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Bliss' Top Tips to Tan Safely & Effectively

For some of us it's getting to that time of year when we're panicking about our pasty pale skin in anticipation of sunnier days being just around the corner. If you want to give sunbeds a try, you're in luck as we're offering each customer aged 18+ a FREE sunbed session at Bliss Baby Butcher Hill to use this month. Show the below voucher to redeem - one per person only. 

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But before you tan, do read our guide to using sunbeds safely yet effectively.

1. If you have never been on a sunbed, or if you are fair skinned or burn easily, keep your sessions to 3 minutes. You can then build this up very gradually as you start to develop a tan - good things take a little time and overdoing it is a terrible idea. 

2. Use sunbed lotion to protect your skin and maximise tanning. 

3. ALWAYS wear tanning goggles to protect your eyes.

4. Protect your lips with UV lip balm - as lips do not produce melanin they are at risk of burning.

5. If you are unfortunate enough to get sun burnt soothe your skin with moisturiser and do not return to the sunbed until all of the redness has gone.

6. Always make sure that you eat some food and drink water before tanning to avoid feeling unwell during your sunbed session.

7. Exfoliate before you start tanning, and keep skin moisturised for best results, and to reduce your risk of burning.

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Top of the line sunbeds with brand new ultra fast tan tubes are available at:

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