Bliss Treatment of the Week - 3D Lipo!!!

Bliss Treatment of the Week - 3D Lipo!!!

3d liposuction for fast easy weight loss

 Bliss treatment of the week is back! Every year so many of us make one of the most common new year resolutions - lose weight. Unfortunately, whilst a very determined and focused few are successful, the sad truth is that many of us fail.

Sound familiar? Bliss are here to help you make 2017 the year that you succeed with your weight loss goals with no need for dieting or exercise. OR team with your healthy diet and exercise regime for improved, accelerated results. 3D lipo can even target specific areas of concern if you have stubborn fat that you're struggling to budge.

3d lipo

3D lipo is a non-invasive form or liposuction combining ultrasound cavitation and cryolipolysis to remove fat, reduce cellulite, tighten skin and tone the body. 


3D liposuction quickly gained popularity amongst celebs including Katie Price, Coleen Rooney, Gemma Collins, Patsy Kensit and Amy Childs. But check out what non-celebs have to say about it.


"I’m absolutely loving 3D- lipo! It’s so effective and quick – what’s not to like about it?! I can see a change in my body with every treatment and I couldn’t recommend it enough."


“I’ve been working with 3D-lipo for the last couple of months now and have had a number of treatments to tackle a variety of areas. I had heard of 3D-lipo and wanted to see how it works, and just after a couple of sessions, I actually started to notice a difference – it’s incredible! The sessions are not long or painful either, so when I leave the clinic I can carry on with my day without having to worry about recovering which is perfect."


"It was fabulous to see I had my natural curves back and it also meant that for the first year in a decade I was able to face the beach in a bikini again. Bliss!"


"I am a regular gym goer and have never been able to reduce the cellulite on the front of my legs and tone up the skin. This treatment has dramatically improved the area even though this is the hardest area to work with."


 Prices start from £119 and Bliss are currently offering you one free treatment when you purchase two - the most competitive prices around! A voucher can be purchased online here and must be produced in branch, or can be paid in full as a direct in-salon purchase. This special offer is for a limited time only so hurry and book now. Please do call us on 0113 230 4305 for a private consultation to find out more.