Buy Your Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts @ Bliss

Buy Your Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts @ Bliss

 One week left until Mother's day! But don't panic - we have the perfect gift, and it can be purchased online in just seconds. Treat your mum to the pampering she deserves this Mother's day - trust us, she'll love it!


1. The gift for mums who deserve to be pampered - Dermalogica mini facial to target skin concerns, combined with a deeply relaxing back massage and complete with a brow tidy!

2. For mum's who love to be bronzed - now is the time to start building your summer tan!

3. For mum's who love to glam up - choose from nouveau or russian lashes to suit your style, then select gel nails of a bikini wax, and complete the pampering with a brow tidy.


4. The pressie for mums who just love a little beauty therapy - let her choose gel fingers or toes, and complete with a professional brow tint & shape.

5. When your mum deserves something extra special for a big event - celeb fave LVL lashes combined with her choice of gel nails or a spray tan, complete with a brow tidy!

6. Treat mum to one of the best facials around, combined with the blissful back massage she needs to truly relax. 

7. If you're not sure which treatment mum would like best, let her choose for herself! £20, £30, £50, £60 and £100 vouchers are available with a free treatment for your or mum.

All packages and more can be purchased here as a voucher, then Mum can call us to book her appointment and redeem at her convenience. 

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