Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Your First Bikini Wax   

23 Jan 2019

Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Your First Bikini Wax

Many women feel self-conscious about getting a bikini wax for the first time and may be thinking of giving it a go for a while before they commit. Yet many women routinely book monthly sessions without a second thought. If you're still feeling unsure, here's what to expect...
Pretty much everyone feels self-conscious the first few times they get a bikini wax. The important thing to remember is that beauty therapists do this all the time and they have seen everything. Worrying about whether you're too hairy / not hairy enough / have rubbish knickers on is all very normal but totally unnecessary.
There are several different styles available, priced accordingly for how much hair is removed. Bliss offers the classic regular bikini wax which involves a simple tidy up of hair at the front and a bit down below, so that it doesn't extend beyond your knicker line – just enough to get you bikini-ready. However we also offer several specialist bikini wax styles, which our therapists will be happy to discuss with you to decide what's best. 
You may not have to remove your pants if you feel uncomfortable, however for some specialist styles it may be hard to work around them. Our friendly therapists will do their best to make you feel at ease. When the wax is first applied it feels warm, not hot so it isn't too uncomfortable. Removing the wax may be a little painful but not unbearable, although of course everybody has different pain thresholds and some areas hurt more than others. Either way it's over very quickly and definitely gets easier the more you have it done. 
A bit of redness for a few hours afterwards is totally normal. And by that point you are hair free and bikini ready for 3-4 weeks before your next session!
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Choose your perfect bikini style and let our expert therapists do the rest. Complete with a brow shape for a polished look and you're ready for anything!
Treat yourself to a mini makeover - you deserve it! Choose Nouveau or Russian lashes to suit your natural or dramatic style. Add 2 week gel polish in your favourite shade and a bikini wax - pampering heaven!

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