Excessive make up could be linked to skin cancer

Excessive make up could be linked to skin cancer


On Monday, dermatologists gave out a warning that wearing excessive make up could be linked to skin cancer, irritation, allergies and other diseases on the users. This is due to the chemical content of make up, with experts warning that it could expose the skin and eyes of wearers to harmful germs and toxins. Some chemicals found in make up can even lead to high blood pressure, behavioural abnormalities and reduction in fertility. 

While many of us would struggle to give up make up altogether, we can help to protect ourselves by keeping make up to a minimum and ensuring that it is washed off properly every night using high quality products, and the skin cleansed after. 

Excessive make up is often worn to cover up wrinkles or other skin concerns. However, if not applied and removed properly, the make up may have the opposite effect on the skin. 

Instead of covering your wrinkles or skin abnormalities with a large amount of make up, causing your skin issues to worsen and potentially affecting your health, it is much better to target the skin concerns directly with a facial which uses safe, high quality products, and provides instant results. Your self-esteem is sure to improve and you'll feel confident enough to wear less make up. 

Bliss offers a range of high quality facials designed to address specific skin concerns, which have been shown to lead to drastic results. View our full range of facials and call us to book your appointment. 

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