Face Mapping: What Are Your Spots Telling You?

Face Mapping: What Are Your Spots Telling You?

Spots are an absolute pain. Whether you get them often or rarely they can be stressful and difficult to get rid of, and really affect our self confidence. But did you know that the location of your spots can give us clues as to what's causing them? And once you know what's causing them it may be easier to prevent them. 


 As lovely as a fringe can look, it can also unfortunately cause spots beneath it as fringes collect grease from hair products. However spots on the forehead have also been linked to diet. These spots can indicate an over-consumption of red meat, saturated fats and alcohol", so cut down on these food groups and the boozing. Try doing a bit of a detox, cutting out meat and booze in favour of fresh veggies, herbal teas and water and look for a difference in your skin.


Spots on the cheeks might be the result of too much meat, sugar and dairy products.  think about cutting down on each of these food groups one by one for a few weeks to see if your skin improves.


Spots on the jawline can indicate congestion in the large intestine, often caused by heavily processed foods. Clean eating and going for some simpler foods like fruit, veggies and nuts might help clear up the issue. This can mean that you spend longer in the kitchen but on the bright side there are loads of other positives to clean eating, such as weight loss.


Unfortunately this one is usually hormone related and they're likely to appear at that time of the month. Using a face wash or toner with a bit of salicylic acid will help unclog your pores but unfortunately they may still return next month.

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