Foods That Are Fab For Your Skin!

Foods That Are Fab For Your Skin!

We know how it is when it comes to your skin. You have a tiny spot that no one else would even notice, but to you it's all you can see when you look in the mirror, and it can really knock your confidence. It's well known that a healthy diet can really help to improve your skin, but what foods specifically will help? Bliss are here to clear thing up.

1. Fish - It's the best source of Omega 3 fats, which are a key anti-inflammatory nutrient for the skin.

2. Coconut oil - The popular oil of the moment, but it's also a source of essential fats and vitamins which are great for the skin.

3. Nuts - fab for Omega 3 fats, selenium and zinc which are all great for your skin!

4. Berries - As well as many other health benefits berries are low in sugar, high in vitamin C, and they promote collagen! 

5. Olive or olive oil - A top source of omega 9 acids which work wonders for your skin.

If your skin problems are getting you down, and you fancy a spot of pampering, Bliss also offer a great range of facials by our expert therapists to get your skin looking and feeling beaut.

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