Long Island Iced Tea 5 Ways!

Long Island Iced Tea 5 Ways!


The weather outside may be freezing, but that doesn't mean you can't party! You simply need to move the party inside. We've recently shared with you some cocktail recipes to make at home, and we've got even more to share with you just in time for the weekend. Long island iced tea is a favourite of many people, largely due to the high alcohol content -but hey, there are worse ways to warm up! Read on for a classic long island iced tea recipe and four ways you can change it up.

1. Classic Long Island

 Ingredients: 12.5ml of each of the following: vodka, gin, white rum, cointreau and tequila. 12.5ml of lemon juice. Coke to taste. Lemon to garnish. 

Method: The best part about this recipe is that you don't need any specialist equipment - just some tall glasses to serve. Fill glasses with ice, add all ingredients, adding the lemon juice last, then garnish with a lemon wedge. 

2. Long Beach Iced Tea

Just as easy, but many believe it's even more delicious - the long beach iced tea simply calls for the coke to be swapped out with cranberry juice.

3. Spice Island Iced Tea

This recipe keeps some of the same ingredients as the original, however the tequila and white rum are switched out for whiskey and amaretto, and 6ml of all spice dram are added. 

4. Beverly Hills Iced Tea

In this boozy, classily named version of an iced tea, the tequila and white rum are left out, as is the coke. The lemon juice is subbed out for lime juice, and the drink is topped with champagne!

5. Raspberry Iced Tea

 In this fruitier version of the drink, leave out the cointreau and substitute for raspberry liquor (the most common being chambord). Switch out the coke for lemonade and consider adding 25ml of raspberry puree or syrup.