Nail News: Oyster Card Nails!   

01 Aug 2016

Nail News: Oyster Card Nails!

oyster card nails

 We love an innovative new nail trend, and if it makes your life easier too what's not to like? Student Lucie Davies has invented the most practical nail trend yet - a set of acrylic nails which with a chip from an oyster card embedded.

Commuters can pay for their journeys with a simple tap of their nails, and they can even top them up with money.

How many times have you misplaced, forgotten or damaged your oyster card? Well you can't do that if its embedded in your nails! Not to mention no faffing around hunting for it in your purse whilst being shoved by angry commuters.

Lucie could really be on to something- here's hoping they're available in shops very soon and that she comes up with more products to make our lives easier whilst starting new trends!

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