Our Top Tips For a Healthier Spring/ Summer

Our Top Tips For a Healthier Spring/ Summer

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As we get our first glimpse of summer weather and we slowly change up our wardrobe to make way for brighter colours and more floaty clothes, we should also consider changing our diet and nutritional regimes. Here are our top tips for a healthier spring and summer.

1. Spring is the perfect time to cut down on drinking. Winter is consumed with alcohol, and once the sun comes out we won't be able to resist afternoon roses, so now is the perfect time to give your liver a rest by taking an extra day per week off from drinking.

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2. Go meat-free on Mondays! Instead of your favourite meat products, fuel your body with fresh, in-season fruits, veggies, nuts, beans, seeds and legumes for just one day a week.


3. Add more fresh herbs into your diet. It's the perfect time as lots of herbs are currently in season, and they're great for gut health and boosting energy. Add them into your cooking, smoothies, salads, and wherever else you can!

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4. Take supplements, probiotics and vitamins where needed to boost health. Vitamin C is always good. Hay fever sufferers may benefit from taking quercetin to alleviate symptoms, and fish oils to reduce inflammation. 


5. Indulge in some tech-free time to reduce stress levels. Spend your lunch break taking a walk without your phone. Make the most of the nicer weather by spending your free time enjoying the outdoors instead of binging on netflix and buzzfeed.