People Are Loving Missguided's New 'Jeans and a Nice Top' Section   

22 Jan 2018

People Are Loving Missguided's New 'Jeans and a Nice Top' Section


 We've all had the pre-night out chats where you or a friend mentions the phrase: "I'm just going to wear jeans and a nice top'. Probably more than once! 

Well this night out staple is now even easier to nail, thanks to the geniuses at Missguided - their website now features a 'jeans and a nice top' section and people are loving it! And it's easy to see why - no longer do you have to trawl through the entire 'jeans' section then hop over to the 'tops' section to and filter out the 'nice' ones from those that are too casual. How has no one thought of this before?!


It looks like Jennifer Stewart is to thank for this revelation, as she tweeted a couple of weeks ago: 'wish there was a top on like Missguided, Pretty Little Thing etc.for "Jeans and a nice top". Missguided replied with the comment: 'noted!'. And a few weeks later - voila! People on Twitter are ecstatic about the new section, calling it 'revolutionary' and the solution to a global crisis! Missguided has shaved hours off our night out shopping time. Now just to call the girls and make plans for Saturday night!


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