Prepare Your Feet For Summer Sandals

Prepare Your Feet For Summer Sandals


Sandal season is officially here, but if you're anything like us your feet didn't get the memo. Not to worry - you can prepare your winter feet for summer sandals in no time with these easy tips...

1. Replenish your feet after wearing nail polish. Nail varnish can be damaging, so never keep it on for longer than two weeks, remove thoroughly ASAP, then enjoy a foot bath with warm water and a handful of salt. Dry your feet off and buff the nails, then gently apply almond oil. 


2. Treat hard and dry skin. Of course, we all know we need to do this and are just forever searching for the best way. Begin by using a good foot file to remove dead skin and leave your feet smooth. Next, exfoliate your feet to remove dry skin. Complete with a moisturiser specifically for feet, to soften the skin more. Repeat at least once every two weeks to keep your feet lovely throughout summer, and moisturise as much as once per day.


3. Use fleecy web in new sandals to prevent them from rubbing and therefore causing blisters or cuts. Place against any part of the shoe that's too close to the foot to stop friction. This great hack will mean you can wear your new sandals all summer.

4. Always use a base coat when painting your finer or toe nails to add a layer of protection your feet will thank you for!

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