Protein Pacing: The Scientifically Backed Technique to Lose Weight   

06 Nov 2017

Protein Pacing: The Scientifically Backed Technique to Lose Weight

Party season is fast approaching and many of us are looking to lose a few extra pounds to look our best in that little black dress. Protein pacing could be the answer to kick start your diet or break your weight loss plateau. The idea is that you increase your protein intake whilst staggering it throughout the day for optimal fat loss and fitness gains. 

In a recent study, researchers at Skidmore College monitored 50 physically fit men and women, and split them into two groups. Both groups followed the same exercise routine of resistance exercise, interval sprints, stretching, and endurance exercise, also known as the RISE method. But only one group adopted protein pacing into their routine, while the other did not.

The results showed the huge impact that diet has over our physicality. Even though both groups were following the same intensive exercise routine, the protein-pacing group had more fitness gains, lost more belly fat, and had better lean body mass.

According to one of the study's lead scientists, Paul Arciero, adopting the strategy at home is actually pretty simple: You'll want to aim for 20 grams of protein, four to six times per day. If you're active it would benefit you to increase this to 25-30g, 4-6 times per day. Ensuring that your protein is from healthy sources, and adding the RISE workout method will also help you to achieve your goals, but the main thing is to ensure that your protein intake is consistent. 

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