Spotlight on Dermalogica

Spotlight on Dermalogica


Dermalogica is an incredible brand with a mission to help everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin. The focus is on targeting your specific skin concerns with the assistance of highly trained professionals to ensure you are never disappointed. 

Dermalogica's face mapping skin analysis with home care booster skin kit provides you with the knowledge of what your skin specifically needs and a starter pack for your skin type. A face treatment, face mapping skin analysis and 5 day skin care trial kit will cost you £49 and change your skin care routine permanently, improving your skin for life.  

The Dermalogica face treatment allows you to discuss skin concerns with a therapist, who will then customise your facial to suit your skin type and needs for maximum results. Prices start at £29 for a 30 minute mini facial or £45 for a full 60 minute facial. Purchase 2 treatments for £85 to save £££ or a course of 4 treatments with 4 brow shapes for £150. 

Dermalogica also offers several treatments targeting ageing. For example Power Regeneration Treatment which uses specific energising massage techniques to release tension and help to contour facial muscles, and also includes a brow shape. This revolutionary treatment is often featured in global magazines and praised by the media for instant results. Treatments begin at £46 for one treatment, £90 for two treatments or £125 for three. Revitalised Eye Rescue Treatment targets ageing around the eyes. A pick-me-up for fine lines and puffiness, which also tones, revitalises tired eyes and diminishes fine lines. 

For red, inflames or itchy skin try Dermalogica ultracalming or chromawhite treatment with zone back massage. This treatment will brighten skin, improve skin tone and enhance skin clarity. You will also receive a bespoke additive massage to suit your senses and mood. One treatment is £60, or purchase three and receive a fourth free. 

 Our full range of Dermalogica treatments can be viewed here and purchased online, then redeemed in branch.

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