Spring 2018's Hottest Beauty Trends

Spring 2018's Hottest Beauty Trends

 It may not feel like it as you pile on the layers to brave the outdoors, but Spring IS here. While it may be to cold for spring fashion favourites like floral dresses and strappy sandals, it's a great time to update your beauty look to stay right on trend. Here are our picks of the top beauty trends this spring...

 1. Natural, 70s-style waves

Over-complicated hair is out, and its been replaced by a simple but beautiful style. To achieve the look side-part your hair, loosely curl with a curling wand then brush out for natural waves. Add a spritz of spray for high-shine hair. 

2. Blended red lips

Of course, red lips are a classic look that will never go out of style. However, even with the hundreds of stunning shades available, sometimes it can still be difficult to find one that's just right for you. This season make-up artists are layering and blending different lip colours for reds to suit every skin tone and create a gradient effect. Time to experiment and find a red that flatters you perfectly. 

3. Sparkles!

From glitter to rhinestones, make-up is sparkling this spring. The easiest way to add a touch of sparkle is with a glitter eye shadow. Make the look subtle or bold to suit your mood.

4. Golden glow

Highlighter was huge in 2017, and it's getting revamped this spring. Golden highlighter is everywhere - from rose-gold to yellow-gold, there's a shade to suit everyone. Opt for a light gold powder instead for a more subtle look. Check out our tanning options for a bronzed base to really compliment gold highlighter.

5. Eyeliner

Eyeliner is big news this season. Our old favourite, winged liner, is huge news this season with sharp angles and bold lines in matte black. Or go for something completely different - stamp eyeliners are a thing now to add little stars to your liner look if you're feeling bold.