Lose weight and save money with Bliss   

11 Mar 2019

Lose weight and save money with Bliss

We have spring beauty on the brain, and thoughts begin to turn to our spring/ summer beach bodies. It's that time of the year when we begin to consider healthy spring recipes and workouts. Unfortunately for many of us, our busy lives tend to get in the way of our body goals. If you're looking for a non-invasive way to lose weight with NO diet and No exercise, look no further. Plus save £38 in the process with our brand new deal!

This Brand NEW deal is all about getting into shape for spring and summer with minimal effort! Choose two medium areas for 3D Lipo for only £190 - the best price around! 

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Bliss brings you 3D Liposuction, the life changing treatment loved by celebs and Bliss clients alike. Lose inches with no diet, no exercise and no surgery. 3D lipo is a non-invasive form or liposuction combining ultrasound cavitation and cryolipolysis to remove fat, reduce cellulite, tighten skin and tone the body. 

3D lipo can even target specific areas of concern if you have stubborn fat that you're struggling to budge. 3D liposuction quickly gained popularity amongst celebs including Katie Price, Coleen Rooney, Gemma Collins, Patsy Kensit and Amy Childs. Call Bliss Spa on  0113 230 4305 for a private consultation to find out more. The treatment can be purchased online as a voucher here. 

Feel confident in your skin all year round with Bliss!

Do check our monthly multideals regularly to stay on trend this spring, with amazing deals on your favourite beauty treatments. 
Check our blog often for the latest trends in beauty, fashion, food, drinks and more!
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3D Ultimate: The Ultimate Non-Surgical Approach to Weight Loss and Anti-ageing   

16 Jul 2018

3D Ultimate: The Ultimate Non-Surgical Approach to Weight Loss and Anti-ageing

 3D Ultimate is the the ultimate combination of advanced technologies for an effective and non-surgical approach to face and body treatments. 

For the body

3d lipo

3D ultimate is ideal for anybody who wants to lose weight, lose fat or reduce cellulite, and combines:

  • Body Hifu for focused fat removal
  • Duo Cryolipolysis for targeted fat removal
  • Radio Frequency for skin tightening
  • Shockwave for cellulite reduction
  • Cavitation for overall circumference reduction

No exercise is required to achieve results, and there will be no downtime, no scarring, no discomfort and no risk. Fat loss is targeted to problem areas, and the result is natural fat loss with fast results.

 For the face

3d lipo face

3D ultimate is ideal for anybody wants firmer, tighter, younger looking skin.It combines:

  • Face Hifu for non-surgical face lifting
  • Radio Frequency for skin tightening

 Again, this is non-invasive method of tightening the skin layers, leaving you with smoother, healthier, younger-looking skin.

Check out our full list of 3D lipo services...

3d liposuction

 If you're interested in 3D ultimate, or would like to know more, call Bliss Spa on 0113 230 4305 to arrange your free, no-obligation consultation where one of our friendly and trained therapists will answer all of your questions.

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The Next Generation of Bliss Beauty Treatments   

08 Sep 2015

News Flash! Bliss Beauty Spas and Salons, West Yorkshire is upping its game once again by being one of the first Leeds-based salons to offer 3D Lipo and soon to be adding premium laser and botox treatments to its roster of professional services. With SHR superb laser hair removal and new advanced 3D Lipo treatments on offer, have no doubt in your mind that Bliss is your first and only stop beauty and pampering destination. Founding Director, Beverley Silver believes in seeking out the world's most cutting edge beauty treatments and services to bring the future of the beauty industry into her salons today. 

"The results our clients have experienced from the 3D Lipo has been amazing. It's a game changer and can boost someone's look into the style stratosphere!" 

Click here to read more about 3D Lipo in Leeds by Bliss

3D Lipo Cavitation, radio frequency, rolling treatments with new Cryofuse protocol treatments are now exclusively available at the Bliss Spa flagship branch with a launch price tag of £119. These instant-result slimming and ultimate toning treatments will soon trickle through to Bliss Street Lane at the exclusive Street Lane Slimming Clinic – coming soon.

Bliss Spa on Otley Road and Bliss Street Lane nows offers cutting edge slimming treatments in plush surroundings with chilled wine always at the ready and a team a beauty pros happy to help you look good and feel great.

Do peruse our treatment menu online and book in ASAP before we implode with calls! To avoid disappointment, do call ahead to arrange a patch test or consultation before having HD Brows, Environ (sorry - pregnant or breastfeeding women are not able to use this service due to the concentrated levels of Vitamin A) and 3d Lipo services. Your health and safety is of paramount importance to Bliss, so we won't ever risk it. Patch test 48 hours before service and then be pampered to perfection with a sound peace of mind.

All potential suppliers/ trade and stock supplier enquiries should email direct: info@blissbeautyspa.com

Say good-bye to unwanted hair! Bliss Now Provides PAIN FREE Super Hair Removal:

Better & faster than IPL or laser! We are delighted to announce the introduction of the SkinPULSE e-motion SUPER HAIR REMOVAL system to our salon. The SkinPULSE SHR system is a revolution in the removal of hair, quicker and with better results than traditional IPL or laser. This proven technique of low intensity selected wavelengths of light gently heat up the hair folicale to damage the stem cell and successfully prevent regrowth.

Treatments are PAIN FREE and are super-fast with underarms taking less than 10 minutes and legs in less than ½ hour. Treatments are comfortable and suitable for all skin types and hair types and delivered by our certified therapists.

Book a trail treatment today and see how SHR is the affordable, pain free way to super smooth hair free skin!  

Check out our amazing special offers for September to raise your glamour game by 100%!

READ more about Environ facials - as reviewed by a guest Beauty Editor

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3D Lipo Available in Leeds at Bliss Salons - Rave Reviews!   

26 Aug 2015

Our 3D Lipo services have been in the papers for all of the right reasons. Stars the world over our praising the excellent results and relaxing treatment procedure that 3D Lipo has to offer.

From facials to targeting areas of body fat that you've found tricky to move in the gym alone, fear not - help is at hand because Bliss has invested in thorough training and in delivering the full range of revolutionary 3D Lipo services to Yorkshire. We like to be ahead of the game, so watch this space because thanks to our excellent feedback from happy clients who have tried the service and now swear by it, we'll be expanding into new technologies for in-salon, professional use only so that you can have even greater results from new age beauty treatments.


The only way is Bliss...

READ more about 3D Lipo here.

Get three courses of 3D Lipo and a Booster Body Gift for just £399 to let the good times roll, rather than your tummy!

Book in for your private and discreet consultation with one of our 3D Lipo experts. Call the West Park salon on: 0113 2304 305.

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