3D Ultimate: The Ultimate Non-Surgical Approach to Weight Loss and Anti-ageing   

16 Jul 2018

3D Ultimate: The Ultimate Non-Surgical Approach to Weight Loss and Anti-ageing

 3D Ultimate is the the ultimate combination of advanced technologies for an effective and non-surgical approach to face and body treatments. 

For the body

3d lipo

3D ultimate is ideal for anybody who wants to lose weight, lose fat or reduce cellulite, and combines:

  • Body Hifu for focused fat removal
  • Duo Cryolipolysis for targeted fat removal
  • Radio Frequency for skin tightening
  • Shockwave for cellulite reduction
  • Cavitation for overall circumference reduction

No exercise is required to achieve results, and there will be no downtime, no scarring, no discomfort and no risk. Fat loss is targeted to problem areas, and the result is natural fat loss with fast results.

 For the face

3d lipo face

3D ultimate is ideal for anybody wants firmer, tighter, younger looking skin.It combines:

  • Face Hifu for non-surgical face lifting
  • Radio Frequency for skin tightening

 Again, this is non-invasive method of tightening the skin layers, leaving you with smoother, healthier, younger-looking skin.

Check out our full list of 3D lipo services...

3d liposuction

 If you're interested in 3D ultimate, or would like to know more, call Bliss Spa on 0113 230 4305 to arrange your free, no-obligation consultation where one of our friendly and trained therapists will answer all of your questions.

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Lose a Little Weight For Summer The Easy Way   

11 May 2018

Lose a Little Weight For Summer The Easy Way


Did the sneaky appearance of the sun a couple of weeks ago make you delighted or a little panicked? Whilst we LOVE the sun, some of us can't help but feel a little panicked that our summer body isn't quite what we hoped it would be. Time is running out and it can be so hard to add a regular exercise regime into your schedule, however hard you try. Instead of resorting to crash diets which are unhealthy and don't lead to permanent weight loss, Bliss has some better ideas for you.

Bliss brings you 3D Liposuction, the life changing treatment loved by celebs and Bliss clients alike. Lose inches with no diet, no exercise and no surgery. 3D lipo is a non-invasive form or liposuction combining ultrasound cavitation and cryolipolysis to remove fat, reduce cellulite, tighten skin and tone the body. 3D lipo can even target specific areas of concern if you have stubborn fat that you're struggling to budge.3D liposuction quickly gained popularity amongst celebs including Katie Price, Coleen Rooney, Gemma Collins, Patsy Kensit and Amy Childs. Call Bliss Spa on  0113 230 4305 for a private consultation to find out more. The treatment can be purchased online as a voucher here. 

Not sure if 3D lipo is for you? Consider Heaven's slimming lymph drain massage.

Lymph drainage can help relieve flu, allergies, fluid retention, digestion problems, arthritis and IBS, as well as helping you lose up to 4 pounds per session. Acting as an internal body cleanser, nasty toxins are circulated and flushed away. This treatment will help you to lose weight and relieve fluid retention so that you will feel totally relaxed, uplifted, toned and revitalised. Heaven are a firm favourite at Bliss due to their expertise in skincare, facials and massage. They are known for creating treatments that relax our clients and give incredible results for various concerns. 

During this slimming massage your lymph nodes will be massaged by one of our expert therapists resulting in the release of toxins and almost immediate weight loss of up to 4 pounds - the ultimate detox and a very relaxing experience! The treatment is priced at £55 for one treatment, or £99 for 2, so why not bring a friend?? The treatment can be purchased online here and redeemed at Bliss Baby, Spa or Retreat. 

weight loss

If cellulite is the issue, Bliss can help you out with that too. Cellulite can be the bane of your life, especially when summer is slowly creeping up on is. Worry no more, Bliss is here to save you from orange peel skin with a treatment from top premium brand Environ. This treatment firms and tightens the upper epidermis to smooth stubborn cellulite. The active ingredients in Environ’s Body Profile Gel are driven deep into the lower layers to tackle the reduction of the ‘orange peel effect’ on upper thighs and buttocks areas. This treatment is £60 for a 60 minute treatment. Purchase online here  and redeem at Bliss Spa, Baby or Retreat.

Keep your eye on our blog for our favourite healthy eating recipes to help you get the beach body you dream of!

Bliss Baby  0113 275 2675   

Bliss West Park 0113 230 4305

Bliss Retreat 0113 258 8425

Bliss Street Lane 0113 269 8522

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3D Lipo Lands @ Bliss   

11 Jun 2015

The future has landed at Bliss in the form of 3D Lipo! We've seen absolutely outstanding results and excellent customer feedback across the board. We welcome you to explore this high technology, totally safe and surgery free option with one of in-salon experts. This is the powerful three dimensional alternative to Liposuction, as loved by the A-list.

Fat removal + skin tightening + removal of cellulite

"In just one month since we've had 3D Lipo in salon, it's been off the scale busy! Bliss had been pretty much fully booked because the clients are can see after just one treatment that this service delivers amazing results. We've had people lose 10.5 centimetres and more, actually, in just one treatment. Clients are getting major body confidence back and feels great to be able to deliver such results." Lizzy and Charlotte are available at Bliss Spa on Otley Road to consult on 3D Lipo treatments.

Prices starting from £85 or a body course of four treatments for £399. Available at Street Lane and West Park. Call now to book: 

West Park: Bliss Spa
 0113 230 4305
Roundhay: Bliss Street Lane
 0113 2698522

3D- lipo is probably one of the most advanced machines of its type and offers a new dimension in non- surgical fat removal, treatment of cellulite & skin tightening in one award winning machine.

Watch this 3D Lipo Video to learn more about the process in action.

3D-dermology targets cellulite reduction and increases blood supply along with lymph circulation via the unique combination of the vacuum combined with the roller action.

“3D-lipo has revolutionised the cosmetic medicine industry. Efficacious and affordable, patients and doctors alike love this treatment – it is a win-win situation.” Paul Banwell FRCS (Plast) Director, The Banwell Clinic
Bliss's 3D Lipo Services Delivers:

A complete approach to problem areas
Amazing results
Prescriptive to your needs
Inch Loss
Cellulite reduction
Skin tightening for the face and body
No exercise required post treatment
Pain free
Non surgical

We're excited to tell you more about this revolutionary treatment in person, so do pop in for a glass of bubbles and to speak to our experts.

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