Reviewed: The Mineral Salt Scrub by Dermalogica at Bliss   

08 Jul 2015
Treatment Reviewed: Dermalogica at Bliss: Mineral Salt Scrub and Body Massage, £49 for 60 mins.
Reviewed By: Independent beauty blogger invited to speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Wishes to remain anon.
Bliss' Word: This is ideal pre-tanning or holiday treatment. Your dermalogica therapist will polish your skin to a soft glow using the perfect selection of products for your skin type. A customised lymph-drainage massage is also included to smooth and brighten any tired skin that needs an instant boost. This indulgent 'quench and drench' treatment  also includes a Dermalogica home kit.
Blogger Rating: "4.5 stars. It would be 5 stars if the treatment went on for even longer because it was heavenly!"
Review: "This treatment was such a surprise for me because I didn't quite understand how I could logistically get a full body exfoliation scrub (with messy mineral crystals) and then be massaged afterwards without creating a catastrophic mess of the salon and my later, my clothes! The minor detail of Bliss salon having a shower on the premises with luxury products to wash off the mineral salts made this whole process possible. 30 mins is spent on a full body scrub, using massage oil and Dermalogica's gritty and oh-so-smoothing mineral salt scrub. Not only is this whole experience relaxing but it left my body feeling tingly and as though the stress had been lifted from my aching muscles. I don't often use this word but, wow - I'd never felt that chilled in a spa before.
A ten minute shower and dry left my skin smelling divine. I couldn't believe how soft my entire body felt. It was as though I'd been given a complete body overhaul and I'd turned back the clock on my skin age. The treatment is complete with a 20 minute soothing massage using lymph-draining techniques. The massage oils drenched my skin in nourishment leaving my skin totally prepped for summery outfits and ready for the beach. The treatment is made complete with a large drink of ice cold water and recommendations from the therapist on treatment aftercare.
I highly recommend this treatment for anyone who needs a radical stress-busting treatment that wakes up the body for summertime fun. It's ideal for people about to go on holiday or who wants to have a professional spray tan because the skin is so well exfoliated."
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